What Exactly Is Clipping Path?

The term clipping path is used by the graphic designers. It is defined as the procedure of drawing an outline around a certain image without having to modify or erase even a single pixel of the image. Clipping path is mostly done with Photoshop’s pen icon. A shape of an area that will serve as the mask will appear and the portion of the image that has been clipped will appear visible but the area outside the clipping path then will be transparent.

This process of unscrambling the objects from their basic background is called isolating. Now the isolated parts of the photo are placed on a new location. It can be used to either create another picture or simply to remove the background area and change its color. This clipping path is useful for background elimination but is not the only thing you can do with it. You can do whatever you want since clipping path can be engaged in a variety of graphic editing procedures.

Maybe, you were not thinking that there is such a service called clipping path. Well here is the shocking truth there is. Surprised, I know you will be. As a matter of fact, there is and it is one of the most thriving outsourcing services around the world.  It is even expected to grow more and more, at an even bigger rate in the coming and future years.


Clipping path services have become a popular outsourcing niche in today’s’ graphic industry. This is because it is a way to reduce labor cost and also save a lot of time. Let me tell you something, right now there are some many businesses that use any form of digital photographing and these are the people that primarily need this clipping path job. Examples of those kinds of  businesses include magazine editors, photographers, advertising agencies, websites, catalog, posters, brochures, design studios and other forms of print or design company. They have been the best customers for many known clipping path providers since clipping pictures is one of an important basis of graphic design.

The personality of clipping path businesses

Many clipping path companies all over the world are coming up like daisies everywhere and this has made this business opportunity to become popular. If you want to find out more about what I am saying, then go to your preferred search engine and type in the word “clipping path” as the keyword.  What do you see as the results? Go on now, check. Are you not surprised at the number of companies offering that service?

Most clipping path services guarantee to deliver the service within twenty-four hours or less though they may not have the same prices but most of which offers a free trial to test the quality of their work. The primary goal is to provide the best possible clipping paths suited for a business’ needs. The prices may range from $0.39 up to $3.81 per picture which actually depends on the kind of clipping path your photo needs. You may decide to transfer your pictures to the offshore partner via FTP since this is a popular way to transfer files over the net. Most companies have an upload and download function on their sites which definitely add convenience for their clients. So many companies also use online file transfer operations, for example yousendit.com and among others.

Aside clipping path services, many of the photo editing companies also offer other editing services such as image manipulation, whitening of teeth, picture masking, photo restoration, photo background removal, photo retouching, cropping pictures, and many other types of graphic outsourcing services.