We really prefer to use our secure FTP to give-&-take all the images specially for big volumes. For initial or small volume images, you can use this simple uploader.

You can easily upload up to 2GB files. And please don’t forget to write a note about your requirements and must use our email: info@clippingpathmania.com on “friends email” field below.

Please note the things on uploads are:

● Maximum size of files is 2GB

● Don’t reload or cancel the browser/tab before upload is completed

After completely uploaded and sent your images to us, we both(you-&-CPM) will receive a notification of file uploaded and sent. Then we will also send you a email with a confirmation we got your files and when we will able to send them back. We will working on them right that time.

Note that, if you think your all/total files size is up to 2GB then CPM would like to request you to send file via WeTransfer or send a FTP Request by GOING HERE

We will get back to you with a secure FTP account shortly.