Types of Partnership We Are Offering

There are three way of becoming a partner:

Referral Partner

Referral Partners could offer their customers, members, readers, visitors or else users discounts on clipping path family services, as well as the benefit that the Preferred Supplier program offers. Users of these accounts would receive a quote with a considerable discount after they have uploaded their images.

  • Cross-linking (Entry in partner part at Clippingpathmania.com)
  • Periodic reveal in e-mailing/newsletters
  • Joint distribution of a press release regarding the collaboration
  • User discount
  • Users receive quote per job (mixed pricing)

Affiliate Partner

To start with, Affiliate Partners take pleasure in all the profit affords to favored Suppliers and Referral Partners. In addition, an API link would be set up among the user interface of the Affiliate Partner as well as the clipping path mania application. Affiliate Partners obtain a commission on all imagery that is received throughout the API connection. If customers or else users, who utilize clipping path mania services throughout a partner, desire to have large volume of images edited, clipping path mania can work out a set price per photo. This cost, in which the user discount is taken in to account, will then be used to estimate the partner commission.

  • Cross-linking (Entry in partner segment at clippingpathmania.com)
  • API association with the branded clippingpathmania.com application
  • Periodic state in emailings/newsletters
  • Joint distribution of press releases concerning the collaboration
  • User discount (% of sales)
  • Partner charge (% of sales)
  • If desired, fixed price for users, for which a divide contract among clipping path mania & the user would be drawn up. (Commission continue to apply)

Reseller Partner

In teamwork with the Reseller Partner, a non-branded front end is developed in the partner’s surroundings, which is connected to the back-end of the clipping path mania application. The reseller is then capable to present clipping path mania services to its clientele or users under its possess flag. For the reseller, a set rate per photo group is set, allows the reseller to determine the tax at which the service is presented. Admission in to the Reseller Partner program requires a potentially considerable yearly photograph volume.

  • Cross-linking (Entry in partner part at clippingpathmania.com, if required)
  • API connection. Non-branded boundary linked to clipping path mania back-end
  • Fixed pricing per photo group for reseller
  • Periodic state in e-mailings and newsletters (if necessary)
  • Joint distribution of press releases regarding the collaboration (if necessary)

Discounts, Payments and Profit Sharing

  1. Clipping path mania Authority would share 15% of entire money to associate Marketers from their every sale.
  2. All the imagery, number of imagery to be process, samples, thorough instructions as well as everything must be placed beforehand the each deal are completed among two companies.
  3. Referral marketers would get 15% of each sale are made.
  4. Reseller Partners would get 15% of each sale are made.

Partnership Timeframe:

The term of this Agreement will be for a period of Lifetime or else based on the time you desire to stay with us.

In Witness Whereof, the partners have accordingly executed this Agreement on the day as well as year set onward hereinabove.